Install Glass Tile

How do I cut the glass tiles?

Please use safety goggles and gloves as edges may be sharp!

Using the wheeled glass tile nipper to cut glass tile:

Wheeled glass tile nippers work a bit differently than offset nippers. The wheels will cut the tile parallel to the nipper rather than break the tile on a line perpendicular to the nipper handles. You will need to place the center of the wheel on the center of the line that you wish to cut. Try placing the wheeled blades in the center of your tile and give the nippers a VERY gentle, constant squeeze at the end of the handles. Your tile should cut evenly down the middle. Remember that the glass tile does not break with the force but with the heat that is generated by the carbide wheel.

Using a wet saw to cut glass tile

It is important to follow all the safety instructions that you received with your wet saw. Please do not remove blade guards or forget to use eye protection. Remember that you are now working with water and electricity so make sure that your power source is higher than your saw so you do not allow water to run down the power cord and into your socket or electrical connection.

The blade on the wet saw should be a continuous rim blade or a blade recommended by the manufacturer for cutting glass tile.

Cutting glass tile on a wet saw is not very different than cutting a porcelain tile. They are both very vitreous and require the same careful handling. Excessive vibration from the wet saw may cause the glass to chip so please allow for a small degree of chipping which can be hidden with a face plate or molding.